ESPN Homepage Takeover

ESPN Homepage Takeover

Bleacher Report Homepage Takeover

Bleacher Report Homepage Takeover


This compelling experience for ESPN required best in class CGI, brand new techniques in terms of HTML5, and close collaboration with GTB, ESPN, and DoubleClick Studio.

As days were fast approaching for the “Big Game” kick-off, GTB faced a comprehensive creative challenge resulting from Google’s halt on Flash.

Existing methods used to create CGI-rich HPTO units were not going to be an option and Picnic’s CGI and development teams had to act fast.

A custom approach was needed and working closely with DoubleClick Studio’s engineering team was a must.

Picnic would first need to light, shade, texture, and animate the new F-150 CAD model while simultaneously rigging the crate for a dynamic particle explosion.

Next up, was a custom coding approach that parsed out the way Flash typically handled alpha channels but integrate the technique using HTML5. This would require a separate hosting instance and a unique way of handling the HPTO unit’s fluid aspect ratio.

The result was a smashing success!

  • Strategy
  • HTML5
  • CGI
  • VFX


Ford F-150




Flavor, DoubleClick Studio, ESPN, Bleacher Report

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