CW // McCann needed to get out of the blocks quickly for this HTML5 sweepstakes campaign for Chevy Color Run. The module would need to be hosted separately and fed via iframe into GM’s existing CMS framework on Chevy dot com. A partner that could works seamlessly with existing CG vehicle/character assets, as well as the chops to create a few new ones was a must. A diverse team of creatives, developers, CG artists, and motion designers was being assembled and the clock was ticking.



Picnic eagerly accepted the challenge. In fact, it agreed to take on the more comprehensive HTML5, CG, and motion design aspects of the project. Various background plates, CAD files, Maya animations, and video assets needed to be dissected, optimized and then put back together again. If an item proved to be ‘un-useable’ it had to be created from scratch, and that’s not all!  The task, far more feasible to be developed in Flash, required an HTML5 approach better suited for mobile delivery.

The Picnic team of coders, animators, and producers worked closely with CW’s creative team to carefully plot out the user experience. Our CG artists extracted key frames from existing character animations and layered them seamlessly on the various vehicle models and background plates. Meanwhile, our producers worked tirelessly with the teams at  Prize Logic and MRM to be certain the existing sweepstakes framework and click-thru events integrated perfectly with Chevy’s custom CMS.

Clearly one of the more visually engaging and technically comprehensive projects in the Picnic portfolio; we are proud to say the Chevy Color Run campaign went off with out a hitch. Take a peek and experience the rich character and vehicle animation all optimized for your mobile device.

  • Strategy
  • HTML5
  • CGI
  • Mobile


Chevrolet Spark


Goodby, Silverstein & Partners


Flavor, ePrize, MRM

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