McGarry Bowen needed just the right partner for this immersive, experiential marketing initiative for Courtyard Marriott. Leveraging award-winning creative from McGarry Bowen’s Row with the Vikings broadcast campaign, Kinect camera game strategy, design, and animation expertise was a must to deliver this integrated  airport display initiative.



Bridging design styles of live-broadcast and 3D gaming into a seamless, new-world style all its own would require a delicate touch.

Picnic began their collaboration with McGarry focusing on game play and user experience. UX styles, shields, and icon illustrations were provided as the creative team began to formulate the game environment.

Next, the team would focus on all aspects of CGI and motion design. Moving water, rowing oars, and synchronized race movement would need to transition perfectly from live to CG.

Finally, the team would take all aspects of game play design and animation and integrate with the  development team to make sure the bridge from Real to 3D was just right.

  • Design
  • Illustration
  • UX / UI
  • CGI


Courtyard Marriott


McGarry Bowen


Flavor, Cutters, Monster Media

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