SRG Global, a leading provider of automotive chrome accents and finishes, called upon Picnic to redefine how they would showcase their high-powered portfolio of component parts. A task typically achieved by lugging physical samples around to automotive design boutiques and manufacturing partners, SRG was looking to make an “App-Age” impression.

Enter the SRG Global Gallery App for tablets and smartphones. An interactive, virtual showroom of sorts, the App features an original, 3D, concept vehicle!  This stunning 3D App experience allows users to touch & tap their way through the SRG story and product portfolio.


iOS & Android

Picnic worked closely with the SRG’s creative team from concept-to-completion. Initial wireframes and concept boards were developed to map out the SRG story and interactive gallery. With initial concept vehicle drawings provided by the Lawrence Tech student design team, this project was a true collaboration of designers, animators, engineers, and app developers.

Picnic’s technical strategists, CGI artists, and app developers were proud to bring this unique App experience to life for SRG Global.

Visit the App Store or Google Play today to download the SRG Global Gallery App and discover how SRG serves the world’s leading automotive designers and manufacturers.

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • CGI
  • Animation
  • iOS & Android


SRG Global



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