Roundtable6 was tasked to create a state of the art, UX development standard for Urban Science and their global portfolio of client applications. Transitioning their dev teams from standard web-browser design, to responsive mobile best practices would be no easy task. A comprehensive undertaking that would guide disparate dev teams in over 20 countries. 



Picnic began by providing a comprehensive audit of all existing enterprise and web-apps that were currently in practice. Next it would engage in a brand emersion with the Roundtable6 creative team to understand the essence of Urban Science application design. Lastly, it would apply the latest techniques and usability standards of Google’s material design. Picnic’s agnostic approach incorporated both native iOS & Android development techniques, as well as, the creation of a universal set of icons, nav elements, modal windows, and more.

  • Strategy
  • UX & UI
  • Material Design
  • Iconography


Urban Science



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